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Rhinestones Ceramic Flowers & Acrylic Embelishments 
Rhinestone Dispenser with 8 packs of Rhinstones 
4.99 + p&p
Rhinestones available in 8 colours 
Approximately 100 stones in each pack 
Green, Coffee, Red, Blue, Purple, Ice Blue, Gold & Silver 
Dispenser with 8 packs of Ceramic Flowers 
4.99 + p&p
Ceramic Flowers 
Showing the size
Ceramic Flowers available in 8 colours 
Approximately 20 Flowers in each pack 
Peach, Pink, Dark Green, Dark Pink,  
Light Blue, Yellow, Light Green & Mid Blue
Acrylic Embelishments available in 9 variations 
Green Flowers, Pink Flowers,Iridescent White Flowers, Red Stars,  
Silver Stars, Green stars, Iridescent White Hearts, Purple Hearts & Red Hearts 
4.99 + p&p
Silver Stars showing the size
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